Custom Built Homes

At H L Construction, we provide the high quality services to meet your residential building needs. We are very familiar with the building codes and concerns that accompany different types of construction projects. We are knowledgeable with the different techniques and materials available for the different types of projects. Whether you are building a new home, or an office building, we can help you bring your dream to reality.

We provide pre-construction planning including floor plans, permitting, material lists, cost calculation, coordinating subcontractors and the various other activities that accompany a new construction project. The idea you scratched out on the back of a napkin, we can bring it to reality.


"It's getting closer! HL construction has done an awesome job and helped us stay calm with the bank headache. Thanks for making our dreams come true."

                                                         -Lauren Hayes



We manage the entire project from digging the footers to nailing the last shingle on the roof. Over time, we have established long-term trust relationships with our sub-contractors. We feel their work represents our company, therefore we only use those that are trustworthy, reliable and deliver the same work quality as we do.